Bath is a city of outstanding beauty a perfect location for one of the finest stores in the Uk. Kimberly of Bath has been established in Trim Street for over thirty years and has become synonymous with the finest clothes for women.

There are two entrances to the Georgian Townhouse store Kimberly, one below the only remaining section of the Upper Borough Walls and the other in Trim Street opposite the much visited General Wolfe's house (1727 - 1759).

Trim Street is named after George Trim, a wealthy clothier and member of the Bath Corporation. His mother was the sister of the King's architect, Inigo Jones. Many famous people have made Bath their home including Jane Austen who once resided for a time in the building that is now Kimberly.

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Frieda & Freddies New York
Frieda & Freddies New York


Only at the beginning of the last century in France, cashmere was used initially for underwear. In the 20's COCO CHANEL and JEAN PATOU showed the world how such inimitably beautiful cashmere knitwear could be done. Thus, the cashmere knitwear industry began at its highest level. This is how cashmere fibers’ triumph began. Italian spinning mills were especially distinguished for the purity, uniformity and fineness of the fiber they spun. It was the excellent water quality of these regions that made the difference and is still so today.

Why a Cashmere product is so valuable depends on many factors. Apart from selecting the best yarn, a factor which determines the price of cashmere products is also the uniqueness and scarcity of the raw material, because only about 5% of annual fiber production accounts for wool, animal hair and silk. Cashmere goats ship yearly only about 5 500 tonnes worldwide. Just by this you can tell that not everything which is called cashmere is cashmere, because the quantity of cashmere knitwear on the market exceeds the theoretical amount. High-quality conditions determine the value of cashmere yarn: The length of the fiber - The fine undercoat of the cashmere goat is the raw material from which such a cashmere yarn is made.

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